First and Second Visit


STEP 1:  Present your Driver's Licence and Insurance Card for copying.

STEP 2:  Complete a brief new patient information packet.

STEP 3:  Identify on a pain chart the specific areas of your complaint and describe how it is affecting your health.

STEP 4:  Receive a detailed consultation and examination from the doctor.

STEP 5:  X-rays are not mandatory, but are highly beneficial and recommended for most patients. (Excluding those who are pregnant and small children)

STEP 6:  Quick review of X-rays by doctor, receive first treatment, and schedule your next visit to receive the results of x-rays and test findings

Estimated time of first visit is 45 minutes - 1 hour.


STEP 1:  Receive a detailed report of your X-rays and test resuts from the doctor.  

STEP 2:  Get answers to the 4 big questions every patient wants answered.

  • What's causing my problems?
  • How can Chiropractic care help?
  • How long will it take? 
  • How much will it cost me out of pocket? 

STEP 3:  Talk with the doctor about any questions you may have concerning potential risks, other possible treatment options and long term outlook.

STEP 4:  Discuss the most appropriate treatment schedule and plan of action to help you receive the best results.

STEP 5:  Patient then receives their second treatment and is scheduled for their next visit.

Estimated time of second visit is 20 - 30 minutes.

*Most treatments from this point require only 15 to 20 minutes.